Webinar: The Value of Sustainability Reporting

By Nancy Manchilla (ISOS Group)
02:29 PM, May 09, 2012

Free informational sustainability reporting webinar featuring Mike Wallace, president of the Global Reporting Initiative for sustainability reporting. The webinar organized by ISOS Group and Concept Green looks at sustainability reporting from various perspectives—investment analysts, capital providers, corporate social responsibility watch groups and sustainability reporters and reviewers.

About the Author
Manchilla, Nancy

Nancy Mancilla is recognized as the CEO and Co-Founder of ISOS Group, a GRI Certified Training Partner for the United States that provides organizations of all sizes with sustainability assessments, reporting guidance and external assurance. As another function of her professional obligations, Nancy has instructed MBA courses, served as a guest speaker at leading conferences and catered to Fortune 500’s to fill particular needs for her sustainability reporting expertise. Prior to starting ISOS, Nancy assisted Winrock International in developing their sustainability services and led numerous micro-economic development projects related biodiversity, agronomics and renewable energy. She also developed an innovative technique to analyze the sustainability of Winrock’s hydro-electric projects in the Republic of Georgia as opposed to Russian energy sources. Previous positions included the Little Rock City Mayor’s Sustainability Commission, Arkansas Clean Cities Coalition and the Arkansas Biofuels Alliance. Nancy earned her B.A. in International Relations (IR) with a Minor in Environmental Studies from the U.S. International University in San Diego, California. She also holds a M.A. in IR from the University of Amsterdam, as well as an inaugural M.P.S. (Public Service) from the Clinton School of Public Service in Little Rock, Arkansas where she dedicated her work to issues of sustainability.

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