A new platform for accelerating energy efficiency!


Exciting things is happening in the online space of Act NOW. Today we officially launch the brand new Act NOW website! We like to think of the website as more of a digital platform for accelerating energy efficiency partnerships. This will be the place where you find inspiring energy efficiency cases, connect with leading partners and follow ongoing news and updates from the Act NOW movement.

The reason for taking this step is that it is time to take Act NOW to the next level. Act NOW is the platform that connects green ambitions with concrete solutions – and the website should be a reflection of just that. We are an impatient movement, because we know the urgency of our cause. Therefore, we focus on the cases and concrete solutions that help companies reach their green business goals here and NOW.

A thing that was important to us was that the site became more even more focused on creating the strong partnerships that actually makes the change and creates triple bottom line results. The solutions are out there – now we need to commit to our ambitions and make the positive change. We urge you to take a look at our case archive for inspiration on this matter.

We will continue to develop the platform and we are constantly trying to bring new and exciting content and cases to the site. Maybe you will even help us? We are looking for new and inspiring energy efficiency cases, as well as leading partners, to join the Act NOW movement. So please connect and share your Act NOW story.

Finally, we are happy to invite you inside to take a tour on the new site – we hope you will like what we have done with it!

Act NOW – Accelerating energy efficiency


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