Central Romana Corporation

Principal 9, La Papelera, Carlos A. Carrillo
Dominican Republic


Central Romana Corporation, Ltd., is an Agro-industrial and Tourism development company, based in the Dominican Republic. The operations began in the year 1912 with sugar as its primary focus. The company became the country’s largest sugar producer. The Central Romana Corporation has also pioneered the tourism and free zone industries, currently employing directly over 25,000 employees, making it the leading employer in the Dominican Republic.

In addition to the production of sugar, the Central Romana Corporation has diversified over the years into the following areas: Chemicals manufacturing, Free Trade Zones, cattle farming, meat processing, the Foundry Industry, construction materials manufacturing, Cruise ship port and airport operations, hotels, resorts and real estate.

Source: Central Romana Corporation

  • Investing in the Community

    Jorge Sturla
    Central Romana Corporation

    Moving forward with firm steps toward its commitments on corporate social responsibility, Central Romana Corporation, Ltd., has concluded its work of reorganizing and improving Batey Cacata, one of many agricultural communities in the Dominican Republic that harvests sugarcane. These measures involved an investment of more than $5 million and are part of a model pilot program that will be extended to all the bateys within the agricultural division of the company.  more[...]

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  • Central Romana and Corporate Social Responsibility

    Central Romana Corporation

    The Central Romana Corporation Ltd., founded in 1912 in the eastern province of La Romana in the Dominican Republic, is an agro-industrial and tourism company whose main focus is sugar production. Having been in operation for more than 100 years, it has diversified its investments through a wide range of businesses that reach approximately 25,000 workers, and it regards itself as being the country’s largest private-sector employer.  more[...]

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