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Adenta – Pantang Junction
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We understand finance and are practical in our approach to credit management EMFL, we believe that for any finance institution to succeed, they (the lender) must understand and accept that both the personal and social circumstances of individual clients have a direct impact on their businesses thus, failure to take account of, and develop plans for that, could lead to inaccurate decisions which could negatively affect the institutions performance.We pride ourselves in the fact that we do not only give loans to our clients, but structure our loan repayments such that they suit the peculiar needs of each client and their business. Instead of forcefully demanding payments from our clients in times of default – as is the norm with some institutions – we rather engage them in discussions with the objective of finding out ‘why the default’. This approach gives us the opportunity to understand the reasons why they are in default and this helps us to adopt the most appropriate actions to remedy the situation. This is fundamental to us as we believe that there should always be a win-win situation for both lender and borrower.


  • Putting the Ten Principles Into Practice

    Henry Ephson
    Eclipse Microfinance Limited

    Eclipse Microfinance Limited (EML) was set up with a mandate from the Central Bank of Ghana to give credit to micro and small-scale businesses and individuals as well as offer investment opportunities to the public at large. Four years on, the company has touched many more lives than businesses through its social intervention strategy.  more[...]

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