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The group is a leader in carrying out public projects and “turnkey – EPC (Engineering Procurement and Construction)” equipment projects and concessions, thanks to its worldwide experience, technical expertise and financial backing.

Eurofinsa provides integral solutions ranging from the engineering, studies, design and construction of public projects to the sale, delivery and installation of equipment, in addition to the subsequent training, maintenance and operation. This means superior service being provided to its customers by ensuring the highest levels of quality and safety, always offering effective solutions backed by the guarantees of a strong group in the construction world.

Eurofinsa can offer its customers attractive medium and long-term financial packages, utilizing sources of financing stemming from bilateral agreements between the exporting and purchasing countries and private international financing.

The group also contributes to development and progress where it builds, by respecting the environment and working within a framework of continual innovation.


  • Integrating (Dis) Abilities

    Silvia Dobarganes Nodar

    At Eurofinsa, we are committed to a social environment in which our projects are carried out for society’s most vulnerable groups. We are committed to including persons with disabilities in our workforce as one way of putting our corporate values and social responsibility policy into practice. We are convinced that favoring vulnerable persons by integrating them into the workforce contributes to the economic and social development of both the individual and society as a whole.  more[...]

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