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Forces Elèctriques d’Andorra (FEDA) is a semi-public entity created by law the 14th of January of 1988, modified the 18th of January of 1991 and the 4th of November of 1993. The Andorran Government owns the totality of its capital.

FEDA is in charge of producing electric energy, taking advantage of the country’s own resources, importing the electric energy necessary and distributing said energy.

FEDA has consolidated as a company, grown along with the country’s economic rhythm and improved the quality of electric service year after year.

At present, FEDA has met the challenge of modernizing all of its installations while at the same time tripling the energy available for consumption in Andorra.

FEDA’s mission:

  • Offer an essential energy supply service to our clients and propel energy development within the country by investing the necessary resources and improving quality and security in a sustainable fashion.

FEDA’s values:

  • Client service.
  • Quality orientation.
  • Spirit of Improvement.
  • Cooperation.
  • Commitment to people. 

Source: FEDA

  • Andorra’s Challenges: A more Open and more Competitive Country

    Jennifer Dobarro Boyer, FEDA

    For 2017, Andorra has set itself the objective of consolidating the country’s efforts to open up beyond its borders, renew the Andorran educational system, and improve its communication infrastructure with the construction of a national heliport. However, one major challenge that stands out within the environmental arena is the commitment to energy diversification and sustainability.  more[...]

    The Author
  • FEDA’s Strategy Through Stakeholder Participation

    Jennifer Dobarro Boyer, FEDA

    There is a “crystal ceiling” for yearly energy consumption of 2,400 GWh, double the current consumption. In order to reach this quantity, new hydroelectric, solar, Aeolic, and gas generation projects will have to be put into practice.  more[...]

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