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Sustainable Design and Promotion Group…

…is a specialized agency for Creative Thinking, Art Direction and Design. Its founder and President, Tuuli Sauren, has many years’ experience working with European and international organizations. She is listed as an approved designer for the World Health Organization HQ and many other United Nations Organizations. Tuuli’s extensive portfolio includes creative communication strategy, corporate image building and advertising campaigns, as well as specific design and production projects. Over the years, Tuuli has built up a comprehensive and wide-ranging team of creative and technical specialists. Our creative strategy will help your organization find innovative, out-of-the-box solutions.

Our newest services are including: Innovation & Design Thinking for Social Impact, Strategic Crisis Communication Campaigns for Human rights, Global awareness campaigns for Social & Cultural & Financial & Environmental Sustainability.

We have widened our services to include the ‘art of solutions’, a comprehensive, customized, turn-key support system for your global outreach efforts and initiatives. Drawing from an international team of outstanding providers, we take you from concept, through creative design, copy writing and communications product creation to translation options into more than forty languages. The geographical dispersion (Belgium, Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States, Mexico and Canada) and knowledge base of our team offers you solutions that reflect and respect the cultural issues and emotional triggers of each particular audience you are trying to reach. We partner with you in a custom-made approach, helping you discover the best avenues to future opportunities.

We are passionate about our work and thrive because of it. Our stellar reputation makes us stand out from the crowd. Our unique, combined and extensive experience includes work in top advertising agencies around the world, giving us the necessary know-how without the high cost of organizational setup. This is directly mirrored in our pricing. We don’t compete on price; we compete on quality. Our creative services go well beyond design and include business solutions, using our creative insight to help you to emerge as a winner even during this current economic crisis. Our newest initiative includes a corporate membership with ico-D (International Council of Communication Design).

We are involved in many different global initiatives, from global sustainability to animal and human rights, health and environmental issues. Our current projects include, but are not limited to, the Sustainable Designers Initiative (SDI), aiming to promote a better understanding between the customer and designer, to promote the value of design, and to promote better working conditions for the designers.






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