Sunna Design

Centre de service Ecoparc Technowest 17, rue du Commandant Charcot
CS 90014, 33295  Blanquefort Cedex
+33 (0)5 47 74 86 03


Founded in India in 2010, Sunna’s principal aim is to develop and market solar streetlighting products for public spaces with little to no access to electricity. In 2011, Sunna moved its head office and its factory to the ECOPARC in Blanquefort, France, in order to come closer to its technical and financial partners.

Sunna is organised around two sites :

> In France, Sunna Design focuses on R&D and designs the whole range of Sunna products. We also manufacture for the European and African market.

> In India, the branch office Sunna Energy manages the production for the Asian market.

Source: Sunna Design homepage

  • Bringing Access to Development Through Clean Energy

    Laura Pargade
    Sunna Design

    Since its creation, Sunna Design has been committed to bringing sustainable energy to emerging countries. Solar streetlights are a wonderful tool to give people access to energy, anywhere, while also respecting the environment. Thanks to breakthrough innovation and a frugal approach, the French company has managed to keep costs down while bringing high-quality lighting to the most remote areas, without putting great social and economic burdens on the communities. Although public lighting was Sunna’s first step, with more than 5,000 products installed around the world, the company is aiming at empowering people with domestic access to energy though innovative partnerships between the public and private sectors.  more[...]

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