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By Inaluk Schaefer, Deutsche Telekom AG
09:28 AM, July 20, 2015

How can new technologies support us in reducing C02 emissions? How can we protect our personal and business data? And why do we need more cyber security professionals? Deutsche Telekom answers these important societal questions with an application for tablets and smartphones. The “We Care” app offers an educating and entertaining insight into the corporate responsibility activities at Deutsche Telekom. Throughout 2015, several magazinestyle issues are being published, each focusing on a different topic.

“We Care” leads the way to a new form of CSR communication by combining information, animated stories, and elements of gamification. With the app, Deutsche Telekom aims at different stakeholders and professional audiences – such as CSR experts, journalists, and investors – but it mainly addresses a broad general public. It is also a suitable tool for reaching employees and raising awareness and knowledge about Deutsche Telekom’s corporate responsibility engagement. The app focuses on the activities of the company in Germany, but an English version is also available.

Mobile storytelling

The editorial staff at the Corporate Responsibility department and the app developer Yoocon – an interactive design and digital branding agency – utilize a broad spectrum of formats to generate intense stories about the CSR activities. “Information is better received when it is linked to an emotional experience. Therefore, we give weight to developing storylines for our content. A multifaceted application for tablets and smartphones is the perfect media for an ICT company,” states Gabriele Kotulla, Vice President of Corporate Responsibility at Deutsche Telekom.

“We Care” has recurrent columns, such as “Preface without words” or the interactive quiz “How smart are you?”, that reflects the magazine-style features of the app. The focal topic is addressed in a multitude of formats. The informative, yet entertaining reading allows for a hands-on approach in communicating corporate responsibility issues at Deutsche Telekom. “‘We Care’ enables users to experience our efforts in a transparent, informative, and entertaining new way,” notes Kotulla.

The 1st issue of \"We Care\" magazine is titled \"Change\".
\"Confidential\" - the 2nd issue of \"We Care\" is all about data and online security.

Spotlight on cyber security

A good example is the recent app magazine titled “Confidential,” which is about
data privacy and security. Since every second internet user in Germany is a victim of a cyber assault, Deutsche Telekom, as an ICT company, is strongly engaged in securing its systems. The number of hacker attacks is growing fast. Deutsche Telekom registers more than one million attacks a day on its network infrastructure and web portals. Therefore, security is paramount for Deutsche Telekom, 99 percent of these attacks can be averted through properly maintained IT systems. The Cyber Emergency Response Team (CERT) at the company uses digital decoys called “honeypots”, to deliberately lure viruses and worms into a fake system. After being caught, the cyber security professionals at Deutsche Telekom then analyze the viruses to develop a cure.

On “We Care,” the issue is highlighted through different formats: An animated story illustrates some of the more common online traps faced by consumers. Logging into a WiFi network at a café? It is a common local used by hackers to launch cyber attacks using fake networks. Are you using a portable USB stick? This might be a bad idea, as USBs can be used as channels for malware transfers. The story also highlights the importance of frequently updating computers and mobile devices.

In another story a trainee for the Cyber Security Professional program undergoing training for two and a half years is interviewed and offers personal views on work perspectives at the company. A strong visualization for the online threat is a war room-like map: While reading the article about honeypots, illustrations on the origins of cyber attacks on Deutsche Telekom’s network infrastructure give the reader an idea of the scale of the attacks that the company faces.

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Inaluk Schaefer

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Media education

The corporate responsibility activities and products of Deutsche Telekom comprise a broad range of solutions within the field of telecommunications. There are many aspects of Deutsche Telekom’s engagement on which the “We Care” application sheds light: from data security to media awareness campaigns for different stakeholder groups – such as students and private customers – to solutions for smart homes and the training of cyber security professionals. From November 2014 to May 2015, there have been more than 40,000 total downloads on Android and Apple devices.

“We Care” is the result of a workshop at Deutsche Telekom held in 2014 in which the needs and expectations of target groups concerning the user experience were put center stage. About 30 participants gathered ideas on how to communicate Deutsche Telekom’s commitment to society. The age of the participants varied significantly. “Our youngest participant was a working student of 19. We also had a participant 80 years of age who was not accustomed to mobile apps. In the end, the different points of view helped create an intuitive user experience,” explains Gabriele Kotulla.

Training Program for Cyber Security Professionals

Deutsche Telekom is closing a gap on the German vocational training and job market with our training program for cyber security professionals, which was launched in 2014 within the scope of a pilot project. According to a study by the BITKOM industry association, IT data privacy experts are extremely hard to find on today's market. The study found that there were no vocational training programs and very few degree programs that people could attend to learn the necessary skills needed. That is why Deutsche Telekom decided to launch the first round of this development program with 10 participants in September 2014.

The cyber security professional program runs for two-and-a-half years and was created for apprentices and students in cooperative degree programs at Deutsche Telekom who can apply after completing their current training. The program combines classic further training with study modules and learning phases at the company. Those who complete the course receive a certificate for IT security professionals from the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce. We put out a call for applications for another ten positions in our cyber security professional program in 2015.

About the Author
Schaefer, Inaluk

 Inaluk Schaefer works for the Corporate Responsibility department at Deutsche Telekom.

The views expressed in this article are the author's own and do not necessarily reflect CSR Manager's editorial policy.
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