An employee of Bayer CropScience advising an indan farmer.

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According to studies carried out by the UN, the world population will grow by around three billion people by 2050. To safeguard adequate food supplies in the future, Bayer is promoting innovative concepts for sustainable agriculture. An important element of this commitment are the Food Chain Partnerships. The aim of these projects is to network the various players along the value chain – from the growers, transporters, dealers and the processing industry to the consumers.

Project benefit

  • teaching the farmers about sustainable cultivation in keeping with good agricultural practice
  • controlled, environmentally friendly use of crop protection agents
  • increase agricultural yields and quality of vegetables and fruits
  • more transparency in the supply chain
  • livelihoods of the farmers become more secure by increasing net incomes
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Dr. Wolfgang Große Entrup
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Partnerships for More High-Quality Food

By Dr. Wolfgang Große-Entrup (Bayer Group)

Safeguarding food supplies for a constantly growing world population will be among the most pressing problems of the future. Bayer is providing an innovative solution with the program “food chain partnership.” This business model supports the United Nations Millennium Development Goal of fighting poverty and hunger throughout the world and contributes to sustainable development.  more[...]

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