• SME Integrity in Egypt

    Jennifer Schoeberlein
    Quasay Salama
    Egyptian Junior Business Association

    The Integrity Network Initiative was established as a business-driven collective action network to strengthen integrity standards in the Egyptian business environment, to build the capacity of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and to tackle some of the most pressing corruption challenges affecting businesses in Egypt. It is implemented by the Egyptian Junior Business Association in cooperation with the United Nations Global Compact.  more[...]

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  • Six Ambitions Based on the UN’s SDGs and Included in our Strategic Program

    EDF Group

    In 2016, we decided on six corporate responsibility goals. They mark out the path we have set for ourselves to achieve our CAP 2030 strategy and take into account the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) laid down by the United Nations. Although the SDGs are not aimed directly at companies, we firmly believe that these goals cannot be met without the active contribution of business organizations. We fully embrace the global approach of the SDGs, while remaining aware that we are but one of the many actors in this movement.  more[...]

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  • Putting the Ten Principles Into Practice

    Henry Ephson
    Eclipse Microfinance Limited

    Eclipse Microfinance Limited (EML) was set up with a mandate from the Central Bank of Ghana to give credit to micro and small-scale businesses and individuals as well as offer investment opportunities to the public at large. Four years on, the company has touched many more lives than businesses through its social intervention strategy.  more[...]

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  • Taking Action for the Global Goals Towards Zero Emissions Logistic

    Prof. Dr. Christof Ehrhart, Deutsche Post DHL Group
    Deutsche Post DHL

    Deutsche Post DHL Group is the world’s leading mail and logistics company. The Group is focused on being the first choice of customers, employees, and investors in its core business activities worldwide. As a longstanding partner of the United Nations (UN), Deutsche Post DHL Group strongly supports all Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and we have set the course for sustainable development across our family of divisions.  more[...]

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  • “Sea Hero Quest”

    Katja Brösse, Deutsche Telekom
    Stavros Mouroutsos
    Deutsche Telekom AG

    The world’s first mobile game that empowers people around the world to game for good and help scientists fight dementia.  more[...]

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  • Achiving, Measuring and Tracking Sustainable Impact

    Heather Louise Madsen
    Danish Energy Management & Esbensen

    The business case for sustainability is well established, with sustainable business leaders citing growth and new business opportunities as reasons for tackling sustainability challenges.  more[...]

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  • Putting Energy Efficiency First

    Lene Faurskov
    Flemming Lynge Nielsen

    In a world challenged by a growing population, booming urbanization, and the clear issues surrounding climate change, energy-efficient solutions – doing more with less – are a ready-to-use answer.  more[...]

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  • Investing in the Community

    Jorge Sturla
    Central Romana Corporation

    Moving forward with firm steps toward its commitments on corporate social responsibility, Central Romana Corporation, Ltd., has concluded its work of reorganizing and improving Batey Cacata, one of many agricultural communities in the Dominican Republic that harvests sugarcane. These measures involved an investment of more than $5 million and are part of a model pilot program that will be extended to all the bateys within the agricultural division of the company.  more[...]

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