• A Pioneer for Women's Economic Security

    Green Delta Insurance Co. Ltd.

    Bangladesh is a developing country in which women comprise more than 52 percent of the total population as well as the fastest-growing segment of the workforce. There exists a nexus between gender equality and economic growth. An example is Nibedita, which is the first comprehensive insurance scheme for women in South Asia.  more[...]

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  • Stakeholder Engagement: A Key Strength for the Success of Our Projects

    EDF Group

    Consultation does not happen spontaneously. But without it, we believe that it would no longer be possible to imagine the smallest project – even more so if it is an industrial project and a host region needs to be found. Rather, what is needed is the willingness to create – through consensus – the conditions under which a project can be sustainable, in accordance with a region’s own development aims.  more[...]

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  • The De-Carb Diet

    Dr. Elmer Lenzen

    To comply with global climate targets, we have to reduce our carbon footprint – no ifs, ands, or buts. Nevertheless, there are a lot of challenges we need to face first.  more[...]

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    Dr. Elmer Lenzen
  • How Does Industry 4.0 Affect Growth and Employment?

    With the digitilization and global linking of production – the “fourth Industrial Revolution” – the specter of unemployment in the technology sector has entered central stage again.  more[...]

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  • Wie erstelle ich ein Umweltmanagement-System?

    Checklisten-Serie, wie Unternehmen Lücken in ihren Nachhaltigkeitsprogrammen finden und schließen können. Dieses Mal geht es um die Verbesserung von Umweltprogrammen.  more[...]

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  • Wie erstelle ich eine Nachhaltigkeitsstrategie?

    Dieser Beitrag beleuchtet eine Checkliste für Nachhaltigkeits-Programme. Im ersten Teil dieser Serie geht es um das Aufstellen einer generellen Strategie.  more[...]

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  • Playing Our Part in Addressing the Impact of Climate Change on Health


    The year 2015 marked a turning point in the fight against climate change. The signing of the Paris Agreement during COP 21 in December marked an important step in the move toward limiting an increase in global temperatures. This agreement is not just a climate agreement; it is also a major health agreement. Indeed, as the World Health Organization (WHO) points out: “Between 2030 and 2050, climate change is expected to cause approximately 250,000 additional deaths per year, from malnutrition, malaria, and diarrhea to heat stress.”  more[...]

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  • Deutsche Post DHL Refugee Aid Project

    Deutsche Post DHL

    As a company conducting business throughout Germany and around the world, we take our responsibility to society and our communities seriously at Deutsche Post DHL, including through our adherence to the Global Compact Principles. This is why, in the midst of the recent refugee crisis confronting Europe and Germany, we took the initiative to work together with established partner organizations to help facilitate the integration of refugees in Germany.  more[...]

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  • Climate Protection Through Innovation

    Yvonne Benkert, MAN SE
    MAN SE

    The world is in a constant state of change. Effective climate protection requires both creativity and expert knowledge. With the aim of cutting fossil fuel consumption, MAN is developing new transportation and energy solutions that make our mobility even more efficient - and that take account of the entire product lifecycle.  more[...]

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  • Fighting schistosomiasis in a strong alliance

    Nearly 260 million people suffer from the worm disease schistosomiasis – children in Africa in particular are affected. Merck, a leading science and technology company, has been cooperating with the World Health Organization (WHO) in the fight against neglected tropical diseases for years. Now, with the establishment of the Global Schistosomiasis Alliance (GSA ), Merck has expanded this partnership. By bundling the expertise of its members, the GSA aims to effectively fight and eliminate schistosomiasis worldwide.  more[...]

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  • Traceability in the supply chain

    Nestlé S.A.

    In the spirit of the Sustainable Development Goals and invigorated by their worldwide importance, we are determined to carry on with our work to realize a shared vision of a sustainable future. Our ongoing commitment to support the world’s development ambitions is part of our responsibility as a global company and a nutrition, health, and wellness leader. We strive for people to live healthy lives, in a healthy environment, and in healthy communities. Partnering is central to our business model, and since 2011, we have been working with the Fair Labor Association (FLA) to improve transparency and address complex social challenges in the hazelnut supply chain in Turkey. Together, we are furthering our understanding of the difficulties faced by rural communities and achieving significant progress.  more[...]

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  • Reducing Environmental Impact via Digitization

    mcs promotion GmbH

    mcs believes sustainable processes and production will soon be the industry standard, and we strive to be one of the first movers. For us, sustainability is the only way forward. We are using digitization to improve efficiency and save natural resources, while simultaneously increasing transparency and cost-savings for our clients.  more[...]

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  • Being one with the global community

    Manila Doctors Hospital

    2015 proved to be a pivotal year as the global community welcomed the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and participated vigorously during the COP21 in Paris. So many opportunities are now being presented to the business sector to prove that it can be a force for good. As a responsible corporate citizen, the Manila Doctors Hospital (MDH) readily took action in identifying where it can best contribute toward the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals in the Philippines. By choosing to focus on three SDGs, the Corporate Social Responsibility office (CSR) of MDH will allow it to maximize its resources and make a long-term commitment with its partners.  more[...]

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  • Deutsche Telekom Helps Refugees All over Europe

    Deutsche Telekom AG

    No issue has preoccupied the entirety of Europe in the last year more than the vast numbers of people seeking refuge. In 2015, more than a million asylum seekers came to Germany alone. The numbers across Europe are many times higher. In view of the huge volume of refugees, Deutsche Telekom AG has specifically stepped up its commitment to the refugee aid efforts. But various national companies are also making significant contributions. The range of support being offered varies among German companies as well as among the different European national companies according to the national situation. (Figures as of May 2016)  more[...]

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