• CCC's Commitment to Sustainable Development

    Lila Angelopoulou
    Dimitra Ntalachani, CCC
    Consolidated Contractors Company

    We recognize that CCC’s long-term success is directly linked with the existence of a prosperous global society and a greener environment. Therefore, we are committed to understanding how our growth can better interact with the welfare and development of the communities, ecologies, and economies in which we operate. We aim to increasingly embed the principles of sustainable development into our business. We go about this by incorporating sustainability values into strategic planning, training, and stakeholder engagement as well as by intensifying the implementation of sustainability measures.  more[...]

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  • Checkliste zur Einbindung der Gemeinschaft

    In diesem Beitrag thematisieren wir die Verbesserung der Einbindung und Entwicklung der Gemeinschaft durch Unternehmen. Im Englischen spricht man hier auch von „Community Involvement“.  more[...]

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  • Growth: A Hard Habit to Break

    Prof. Dr. Felix Ekardt

    If we are to take the Paris Agreement on climate change seriously, growth-driven society is on the way out. But greed is part of the human condition, and no one knows what life without growth would be like.  more[...]

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    Prof. Dr.  Felix Ekardt
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  • Community-Involvment-and-Development

    Editorial Team

    As part of its CSR activities, Takeda carries out corporate citizenship activities, with a particular focus on solutions to social problems.  more[...]  login_required

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    Editorial Team
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  • The Power of Giving Back – How Community Involvement Can Boost Your Bottom Line

    Article on how community involvment can boost the bottom line of a company.  more[...]  login_required

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    With The Essence of Strategic Giving, Peter Frumkin distills the lessons of his study Strategic Giving into a guide for everyone involved in private philanthropy, from donors to managers of nonprofits to fund-raisers.  more[...]  login_required

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  • Strategic Giving – The Art and Science of Philantrophy

    The philanthropic landscape is changing dramatically as a new generation of wealthy donors seeks to leave its mark on the public sphere.  more[...]  login_required

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  • The World in 2052 – The New Club of Rome-Forecast

    In the Report author Jorgen Randers raises essential questions: How many people will the planet be able to support? Will the belief in endless growth crumble? Will runaway climate change take hold? Where will quality of life improve, and where will it decline?  more[...]

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  • Brand Distinction Through Strategic Philanthropy

    Anne Wall, Marketing Navigators Inc

    Build brand distinction through strategic philanthropy. Through this article, find out how focused brand philanthropy can benefit your business and society. You will learn new ways to use corporate contributions to connect emotionally with stakeholders. At the same time, your corporate giving will help people in need.  more[...]  login_required

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    Anne Wall, Marketing Navigators Inc 
  • Corporate Community Involvement: The Definitive Guide To Maximizing Your Business' Societal Engagement

    Nick Lakin, Molson Coors Brewing Company

    Corporate Community Involvement offers the first-ever roadmap to strategic community involvement. Building on their extensive experience, Nick Lakin and Veronica Scheubel have designed this book to be practical—for those who want to act upon what they read.  more[...]  login_required

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    Nick Lakin, Molson Coors Brewing Company 
  • Spotlight: Strategic Philanthropy

    We are witnessing an exciting global movement whereby philanthropists from both developed and emerging economies are using targeted and innovative approaches to address sustainable development. Today, strategic philanthropists are responsible for stimulating entrepreneurship and small business development in developing countries. These philanthropists are increasingly recognizing the importance of adopting a more business-like approach to philanthropy to maximize social and environmental returns of their philanthropic investments.  more[...]

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