• "Sustainable Practice Means Preserving, Creating and Increasing Values“


    Interview with Nikolaus Graf von Matuschka, who is Member of the Executive Board and Labor Director at HOCHTIEF Aktiengesellschaft and also in charge of Corporate Responsibility.  more[...]

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  • Helping Entrepreneurs Accelerate Progress Toward the SDGs

    Steve Krouskos
    Ernst & Young

    At EY, we believe everyone should be able to contribute toward and share in the benefits of economic growth. With billions of people still living without affordable access to essential goods and services, that may feel a long way from reality. We are proud to be working with a new breed of impact investors and entrepreneurs who are making it their business to tackle this inequality, driving inclusive growth by generating better answers to some of society’s toughest challenges. When these businesses work better, the world works better, which is why helping to accelerate their growth and impact is a vital part of fulfilling our purpose of building a better working world.  more[...]

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  • Six Ambitions Based on the UN’s SDGs and Included in our Strategic Program

    EDF Group

    In 2016, we decided on six corporate responsibility goals. They mark out the path we have set for ourselves to achieve our CAP 2030 strategy and take into account the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) laid down by the United Nations. Although the SDGs are not aimed directly at companies, we firmly believe that these goals cannot be met without the active contribution of business organizations. We fully embrace the global approach of the SDGs, while remaining aware that we are but one of the many actors in this movement.  more[...]

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  • Starting Ventures

    Courtney Lee Hagewood
    David Moeller

    We want to contribute to a world that offers a sustainable future with a better quality of life for all and have anchored this in our corporate purpose: “We create chemistry for a sustainable future.” Innovations from the chemical industry play a key role, as they provide decisive contributions to a sustainable future with a growing world population. With our corporate program Starting Ventures, we want to empower people whose basic needs have not been met to help them improve their income potential and quality of life. We thereby contribute toward achieving the broader development goals of the United Nations.  more[...]

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  • AIA's Approach to Corporate Responsibility: Embedding the SDGs

    Pakis Papademetriou, Athens International Airport
    Athens International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos

    With a corporate goal to create sustainable value to all stakeholders by offering value-for-money services, AIA has implemented a successful development strategy in both its aeronautical and non-aeronautical sectors. With AIA’s operational success being based on stakeholder cooperation, the company operates in a socially and environmentally responsible way, providing stakeholders with an operating and working environment that meets the increasing demands regarding quality, safety, and security issues.  more[...]

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  • Checkliste zur Verbesserung der Einhaltung von Menschenrechten

    Diese Checkliste konzentriert sich darauf, wie Menschenrechte im betrieblichen Umfeld gewahrt werden können.  more[...]

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  • Wie erstelle ich ein Umweltmanagement-System?

    Checklisten-Serie, wie Unternehmen Lücken in ihren Nachhaltigkeitsprogrammen finden und schließen können. Dieses Mal geht es um die Verbesserung von Umweltprogrammen.  more[...]

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  • Wie erstelle ich eine Nachhaltigkeitsstrategie?

    Dieser Beitrag beleuchtet eine Checkliste für Nachhaltigkeits-Programme. Im ersten Teil dieser Serie geht es um das Aufstellen einer generellen Strategie.  more[...]

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  • Stakeholder Relations – Invest in Them Before You Need to Rely on Them

    Thorsten Pinkepank

    A fixed component of our sustainability management is the continuous exchange with our stakeholders.  more[...]

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  • Aspire to Be ‘CEO for One Month’

    Lilian Furrer
    Adecco Group

    Accessing the world of work and finding a pathway to fulfill their personal potential is a major challenge for anyone out of – and seeking – work. This is especially so for the 73 million youths under the age of 25, fueling fears of a ‘jobless generation.’ Skills mismatch and a lack of experience, even among the most highly educated, can almost be perceived as a discriminatory barrier to employment, which is central to Global Compact Principle 6. It dashes dreams, wastes human capital, and damages productivity. The Adecco Group – the world’s leading provider of HR solutions – has not stood by idly.  more[...]

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  • 2010 – 2015 Acciona´s achievements on its first sustainability master plan

    Juan Ramón Silva Ferrada, Acciona

    Six years ago, with a view to the medium and long term, ACCIONA planned and structured the initiatives related to sustainability in the form of a roadmap that has helped us stand out, become more competitive, contribute to sustainable development, and consolidate our position as leaders in sustainable practices. That was ACCIONA’s first Sustainability Master Plan 2010 – 2015.  more[...]

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  • Sustainability Management

    Sustainability management is a concept that optimizes the processes of an organization to help them act in a sustainable manner. It is an integrated system that deals with the major challenges of sustainability: sustainable development of the organization through an integrative way regarding social, environmental, and economic aspects of their activities. It covers all fields of impact of an organization. Running a sustainable business can be easily realized with a good sustainability management concept. In the end, it benefits present and future societies and helps maintain a high-quality level of life on our planet.  more[...]

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