• Stakeholder Relations – Invest in Them Before You Need to Rely on Them

    Thorsten Pinkepank

    A fixed component of our sustainability management is the continuous exchange with our stakeholders.  more[...]

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  • Global Compact International Yearbook 2012

    Dr. Elmer Lenzen

    With over 8,700 corporate participants and other stakeholders from over 130 countries, the UN Global Compact is the largest voluntary corporate responsibility initiative in the world. „I hope these diverse expressions of support for the UN’s global mission will inspire many more businesses to follow this path and bring corporate sustainability to true scale“, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says in the 2012 edition of the Global Compact International Yearbook. Edited by the German publishing house macondo the new yearbook offers insights to political as well as sustainability issues.  more[...]

    The Author
    Dr. Elmer Lenzen
  • Bradesco and Accessibility for the Population

    Eduardo Dantas, Bradesco
    Banco Bradesco S.A.

    In its operations as one of the largest private Brazilian banks, Bradesco makes financial inclusion one of its main business priorities and considers this an important factor in its corporation positioning.  more[...]  login_required

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  • Community Development and Sustainability

    Claudia Rodrigues Segond, Eletrobras Furnas
    Electrobras Furnas

    Since its founding in 1957, FURNAS has been working toward the development of Brazilian society by generating and transmitting electrical energy. Today, the company runs a complex of 15 hydroelectric power plants, two thermal units, and a transmission system responsible for 40 percent of the electrical energy consumed in Brazil. As a participant in the Global Compact, the company promotes activities for the sustainable development of the communities in the vicinities of its installations, upholding the Ten Principles of the Global Compact.  more[...]

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  • Corporate Community Involvement: The Definitive Guide To Maximizing Your Business' Societal Engagement

    Nick Lakin, Molson Coors Brewing Company

    Corporate Community Involvement offers the first-ever roadmap to strategic community involvement. Building on their extensive experience, Nick Lakin and Veronica Scheubel have designed this book to be practical—for those who want to act upon what they read.  more[...]  login_required

    The Author
    Nick Lakin, Molson Coors Brewing Company 
  • A Stakeholder Approach to Corporate Social Responsibility

    Prof. Adam Lindgreen, University of Cardiff

    A Stakeholder Approach to Corporate Social Responsibility provides a comprehensive collection of cutting-edge theories and research that can lead to a more multifaceted understanding of corporate social responsibility in its various forms, the pressures and conflicts that result from these different understandings, and some potential solutions for reconciling them.  more[...]  login_required

    The Author
    Prof. Adam Lindgreen, University of Cardiff 
  • Innovating for a Brighter Future: The Role of Business in Achieving the MDGs

    Dalberg Global Development Advisors

    Assesses the contribution that the private sector has made to UN development goals, including progress made since 2000. The report identifies the most significant and scalable trends. (Source: UN Global compact)  more[...]  login_required

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  • Promoting Inclusion of the Population

    Eduardo Dantas, Bradesco

    Since its founding in 1943, Bradesco’s operations have been grounded in its commitment to Brazil’s development, and for that reason, sustainability is not new to Bradesco Bank. Issues such as community development and social inclusion have always been part of the organization’s day-to-day business.  more[...]

    The Author
    Eduardo Dantas, Bradesco 




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