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  • The Future of Cities

    Future of Cities By Wolfram Haller (Siemens) 09:22 AM, May 03, 2012 Related tags Greenhouse Gases , Energy , Population , Cities , Climate Change , Environment , Partnerships Advanced Search">more Since cities will determine how a majority of the

  • CSR - The Future of Cities

    Today more than half the world’s population lives in cities, which emit 80 percent of all greenhouse gases and use 75 percent of energy – figures rising. It is thus with the cities that we must start if we want to manage population growth, increasing energy demand and climate change. Many solutions are already available, including environmentally compatible energy supply, highly efficient building, transportation and water supply systems and affordable financial models. These improve climate protection, increase the security of supply, enhance the quality of life and reduce costs. For world wide success, however, cooperation on a global basis is needed, for example in United Nations programs.

  • Global Compact International Yearbook - Digital Solution Helps Build Smart Green Cities

    online healthcare, and more, all in a bid to help tackle deteriorating environmental and social problems that modern cities are facing. In the future, Huawei will continue to emphasize the development and application of new technologies such

  • CSR - Upgrading slums in Brazil - where more can be done more efficiently

    Over the past decade, Brazil has made important progress in legitimizing illegal settlements in big cities. However, according to a new study by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), Cities Alliance, the Ministry of Cities, and the Caixa Econo3mica Federal (CEF), the technical capabilities of Brazilian municipal governments need to be strengthened if improvements are to be integrated into housing and urban policies that can be implemented in the city as a whole.

  • CSR - Digital Solution Helps Build Smart Green Cities

    In Xiapan, China, Huawei worked with the local government and telecom operators, integrating the ecity solutions with existing city service systems. As a result, participation of residents and enterprises into local city administration is substantially facilitated and workung efficiency greatly improved, enhancing social inclusiveness while effectively reducing carbon footprints.

  • Global Compact International Yearbook - Creating Homes – Affordable Housing in India

    Advanced Search">more In recent years there has been a large migration wave from India’s rural regions to the cities. Soon, 40 percent of the Indian population will be living in the country’s urban centers. Due to this fast growth and

  • CSR - FAO releases first status report on urban gardening in Africa

    Africaaps urban population is growing faster than that of any other region, but many of its cities are not keeping pace with the increasing demand for food that comes with that growth. A new FAO publication says policymakers need to act now to ensure that African cities will be "green" enough to meet their nutrition and income needs in a sustainable way.

  • Global Compact International Yearbook - Putting our skills to work in pursuit of the MDGs

    across the continents that give an insight into the wide range of impacts of KPMG’s citizenship work. The Millennium Cities Initiative KPMG’s Transaction Services practices have been providing economic and commercial due diligence to support

  • Fighting Climate Change

    Project funding - Provision of goods - Provision of services/personal - Standards and guidelines development X Smarter cities Globalization is intensifying competition between cities as well as other economic players. At the same time, with a

  • Buildings Need Effective Air Filters

    perform. Unfortunately, healthy air is becoming a scarce commodity, especially in the larger and more densely populated cities of the world. The most common air pollutants, such as airborne particulate matter (PM), ozone, and nitrogen oxides, are





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