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  • CSR - CLOROX: G4: good to go?

    report but may (or may not) be mentioned in the next report. Perhaps itaps something for the Material Aspect: Marketing Communications! Disclosures on Management Approach This is easy for Clorox as there are only two Aspects to report. I think this report

  • CSR - Whataps your perspective on reporting?

    during 2013. The survey is structured around three recurring themes of the approach: Content, Communications, Credibility. The planned launch of the new generation GRI Framework "G4" in May has raised some heated debate, based on

  • CSR - Corruption: Shining a light on the world’s biggest companies

    Bank (3,1) 95. Google (2,9) 98. Gazprom (2,8) 101. Berkshire Hathaway (2,4) 103. Honda Motor (1,9) 104. Bank of Communications (1,7) 105. Bank of China (1,1) Reporting anti-corruption measures The world’s largest companies are increasingly

  • CSR - The beautiful game? You bet!

    of actors based in Asia (most notably Singapore), which operate from different jurisdictions, use opaque channels of communication and dispose of a clandestine network of financial transactions. All these characteristics apply to other infractions in

  • Responsible Lobbying

    grantedness. Finally, moral legitimacy is based on normative approval. All legitimacy management depends heavily on communication between the organization and its stakeholders. In essence, then, if a business wants to be sustainable, in the narrow

  • Bringing Access to Development Through Clean Energy

    * From Light Years Ahead, publication by UNHCR About the Authors Pargade, Laura  Laura Pargade is Marketing and Communications Director at Sunna Design.   Sunna Design Founded in India in 2010, Sunna’s principal aim is to develop and market

  • Creating Sustainable Value Through Stakeholder Engagement

    paradigm has made way for a new and more sustainable approach: stakeholder value. For most companies today, proactive communication with their customers, employees, suppliers, social partners, and NGOs is a matter of course. Stakeholder engagement is

  • Stakeholder Management

    Lintemeier (Lintemeier Stakeholder Relations), Prof Lars Rademacher (MHMK Munich), Dr Ansgar Thiessen (Knobel Corporate Communications) The landscape of business and enterprise policy is subject to almost unparalleled change. An ever-increasing majority

  • Environmental Measurements For Weather and Climate Resilience

    – particularly in urban regions – and the growing dependency on complex, integrated infrastructures such as communication and transportation networks, the need for timely, accurate weather-related data and information is essential in the

  • The De-Carb Diet

    UCR in San José (Costa Rica). In 1998 Elmer founded macondo with major business areas in publications and corporate communication. CSR plays a prominent role and macondo today is one of the leading publishing houses.       The views expressed in





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