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  • Global Compact International Yearbook - CEAP Amazonia – Petrobras Environmental Excellence Center in Amazonia

    the Research and Development Center (Cenpes); and Social Responsibility Management, which integrates the Institutional Communication. Ongoing projects Approximately 15 projects comprise CEAP Amazonia’s portfolio, with investments above R$500 million

  • CSR - The German Experiment

    SAP, Huawei, Siemens and the Boston Consulting Group to analyze potential savings in the field of information and communications technology (ICT), entitled “SMART 2020,” summarized the opportunities available to our industry as follows: In

  • CSR - Green Business Assessment - The link between environmental and company performance

    perspective of environmental work, i.e. the outer layer of the model should be appropriate to the companyaps CEO, communication and marketing officers as well as the environmental manager. Asking the same questions to respondents in different

  • CSR - The top 5 CSR trends for 2013

    usual suspects of young activists, journalists or students is the future. Rather, the main channels of engagement and communication for business are changing. We talked about CSR fatigue above, and it is here where we will see the most significant

  • Reporting

    do experts see the market going? Susan McPherson from Fenton talks with Allyson Park, VP Worldwide Public Affairs & Communications, Coca-Cola, Ephi Banaynal, Global Director, Sustainability Management & Strategy, SAP, Kierstin Regelin, Global

  • Visiting the Global Compact Office

    Kell and his team have quietly toughened the conditions of participation. The main instrument is the annually required Communication on Progress (COP). The COP must substantially report on the company’s engagement. Those companies that don’t submit

  • The Global Compact 2000–2010

    challenges, largely because of its dynamic and non-bureaucratic organizational design. For instance, it introduced the Communication on Progress (COP) reporting requirement and delisted those participants failing to disclose their practices and

  • Lenzen, Elmer

    UCR in San José (Costa Rica). In 1998 Elmer founded macondo with major business areas in publications and corporate communication. CSR plays a prominent role and macondo today is one of the leading publishing houses. Too Big to Fail? Introduction to

  • Managing Corporate Legitimacy and the UN Global Compact

    example, a manipulative PR strategy requires concerted efforts of all corporate functions. Particularly the corporate communications function must be closely aligned with all other activities in order to effectively shape public perceptions. To

  • Global Compact International Yearbook - The Bayer Climate Program

    gas emissions. Today’s cutting-edge video-conferencing technology now offers an appealing alternative form of communication that dispenses with many of the disadvantages of teleconferencing. This technology means it is possible to generate





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