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  • Global Compact International Yearbook - Building Awareness and Going the Extra Mile: Human Rights in Focus

    Green Delta Insurance Company (GDIC) has emphasized environmental issues, labor rights, and safety issues through its communication tools. Many issues regarding Human Rights have also been dealt with. For 2013, GDIC took the initiative to focus

  • Global Compact International Yearbook - The Global Social Enterprise Action Hub

    Through the website, SK is consolidating the foundation to support social enterprises through information services, communication, and research. Reflecting the increasing interest of the UN in enhancing its partnerships with the private sector, the

  • Global Compact International Yearbook - Diversity and Inclusiveness at Ernst & Young

    we have decided to set the first focus for the next 18-24 months on the aspects of gender management and cross-cultural communication. We believe this will help drive broader benefits across all other Diversity groups. We are defining Diversity on a much

  • CSR - A fabulous first SME report

    and the establishment of Sustainability Services alongside our core business of Project Management. We see communications as a dynamic, on-going element of the relationships we have with our clients and employees. We are using our first

  • Compliance

    is designed to create a clear framework for compliant action in this regard. more[...] The Author Comprehensive Ways of Communication on Anti-Corruption Measures and Compliance Jenice Hartmann, Business Keeper Business Keeper AG Nowadays, there is

  • Projects

    itself with nature and biodiversity Worldwide EDF Group Biodiversity , Biodiversity , Conservation Participatory Communication with Employees Peru Copeinca Corporate Governance , Labour Standards Bettercoal: Tackling sustainability issues in coal

  • We Care – An Interactive App Magazine

    issues are being published, each focusing on a different topic. “We Care” leads the way to a new form of CSR communication by combining information, animated stories, and elements of gamification. With the app, Deutsche Telekom aims at

  • Volkswagen’s Role in Germany’s Energiewende

    Germany’s Energiewende . About the Authors Blaschke, Daniela  Daniela Blascke works in the department for political communication at Volkswagen Group.   Hasenfuss, Frank Frank Hasenfuss works in the department for political communication at

  • Joining the Dots

    navigate the two systems and their crossovers. The publication, Making the Connection: The GRI Guidelines and the UNGC Communication on Progress, includes a table outlining crossovers between UNGC’s Communication on Progress and GRI’s G3

  • Overview of the UN Global Compact

    for regulatory regimes Finally, the Global Compact incorporates a transparency and accountability policy known as the Communication on Progress (COP). The annual posting of a COP is an important demonstration of a participant's commitment to the UN





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