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  • Resource Efficiency

    Business as usual is simply not an option and reversing this trend is imperative. more[...] Material effiency Material Efficiency and 3R Objectives Detailed assessment: Materials efficiency Industrial energy and material efficiency: What role for

  • Energy Efficiency and Energy Management Handbook

    Handbook for preparation of projects, training of staff and help in implementing of energy efficiency projects for the operating programme "Energy Efficiency and Green Economy".

  • CSR - Energy efficiency is our business

    Armacell as a global producer of flexible technical insulation materials stands for innovative sustainable solutions. Energy efficiency, which is at the core of our business, is pursued in many different ways. A regularly conducted Life Cycle Assessment reveals that the energy required to manufacture Armacell’s best-known brand Armaflex has been “recovered” after just 50 days. Further activities include working in international committees for energy efficiency, developing sustainable product innovations and using recycled materials as well as by-products instead of primary raw materials in the production.

  • Global Compact International Yearbook - The Sustainable Potential in Energy Efficiency

    ‘Act NOW‘), Grundfos 05:00 PM, September 19, 2012 Related tags Grundfos , Climate Change , Environment , Resources Efficiency Advanced Search">more The human race is facing one of its biggest challenges, and if ignored, it could potentially

  • Projects

    Refugees , Telecommunications , Human Rights MTU Aero Engines: Cleaner and Quieter Engines Germany MTU Aero Engines Eco efficiency , turbines , Climate Change Solar Power Help Deliver on Sustainable Growth Netherlands PostNL Solar Energy , Climate

  • Global Compact International Yearbook - Energy Efficiency Is Our Business

    International Holding), Malte Witt (Armacell), Armacell Enterprise GmbH 12:13 PM, April 19, 2012 Related tags Energy Efficiency , Life Cycle Assessment , Raw Material , Recycling , Environment Advanced Search">more How can we integrate the UN

  • CSR - A new platform for accelerating energy efficiency!

    the brand new Act NOW website! We like to think of the website as more of a digital platform for accelerating energy efficiency partnerships. This will be the place where you find inspiring energy efficiency cases, connect with leading partners

  • CSR - Driving forward EU initiatives for energy efficiency

    EU initiatives for energy efficiency 08.04.2013 This proactive collaboration concerns linking Act NOW to EU initiative “A World You Like. With a Climate

  • The Production Hall as a Passive-energy Building

    Search">more It is not only in the area of products and solutions that Weidmüller strives to maximize energy efficiency and conserve resources. The electronics specialist from Detmold also focuses on sustainability in its own production

  • CSR - Energy efficiency – comfort vs. sustainability





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