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  • Change Agents Bring Hope and Health to Rural India

    Hope and Health to Rural India By Camilla Crone Jensen (Novo Nordisk), Scott Dille (Novo Nordisk), Novo Nordisk 12:05

  • Global Compact International Yearbook - Changing The Lives of 10,000 Children

    PDF Changing The Lives of 10,000 Children By Scott Dille (Novo Nordisk), Camilla Crone Jensen (Novo Nordisk), Novo Nordisk

  • Getting to the Bottom Line of Environmental Impacts

    Line of Environmental Impacts By Camilla Crone Jensen (Novo Nordisk), Scott Dille (Novo Nordisk), Novo Nordisk 02:24

  • Wellness for All: Thinking Globally, Acting Locally

    NovoHealth is a worldwide company program seeking to develop a workplace culture that promotes and supports healthy living for all employees – an opportunity for Novo Nordisk to practice what we preach. NovoHealth inspires healthy living among Novo Nordisk employees as a means to prevent Type 2 diabetes and other lifestyle-driven diseases. NovoHealth gives us an exciting opportunity to bring the organization together across the globe, support our colleagues, address our social responsibility as an employer, and improve business performance.

  • Novo Nordisk

  • Global Compact International Yearbook - Early Origins of Health

    PDF Early Origins of Health By Scott Dille (Novo Nordisk), Novo Nordisk 02:57 PM, May 11, 2012 Related tags prevention ,

  • CSR - Changing Diabetes

    Changing diabetes is a global programme aimed to improve prevention, detection and treatment of diabetes. It is our brand promise, and the way we support the implementation of the UN Declaration on Diabetes, urging that people with diabetes have a right to proper treatment. The actions are national and global programmes to provide treatment offerings, help build a healthcare infrastructure, create awareness and educate patients and their families. Special attention is given to underserved groups: Migrants in developed countries, people in the world’s poorest countries, people at the bottom of the pyramid in emerging economies, women and children.

  • Blueprints for Change – The Sustainability Imperative

    50 – 50 – 50. By 2050 there will be 50 percent more people in the world, and we will have been responsible for reducing global carbon emissions by 50 percent. A seemingly simple equation, yet a tall challenge. It makes it painfully clear that sustainable development hinges on our ability to manage growth sustainably and not only make up for the harm we inflict on the global ecosystem, but also to effectively decouple economic value creation from environmental degradation and social inequality.

  • Global Compact International Yearbook - Crone Jensen, Camilla

    works as Project Coordinator, Corporate Sustainability at Novo Nordisk Sustainability Department Denmark Camilla Crone

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    Change Agents Bring Hope and Health to Rural India India Novo Nordisk Novo Nordisk , Health , Human Rights Bringing





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