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  • Key OECD anti-corruption documents

    The website provides key OECD anti-corruption documents.

  • CSR - Conflict Minerals and SEC Disclosure Regulation

    chain verification scheme are in process at the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (“OECD”). OECD Action with Regard to Conflict Minerals On May 25, 2011, the OECD[76] Ministerial Council adopted a Recommendation on

  • CSR - FDS™: A Small-Scale Farming Revolution

    Hundreds of millions of smallholders are struggling to survive from subsistence farming in developing countries across South America, Asia, and Africa. Given the lack of water infrastructure throughout these and other areas, there is a critical need to make the most of the limited available water sources in such regions. In response, OECD countries, international donors, and NGOs have been promoting technologies such as drip irrigation, which optimizes resources, enhances global food security, and promotes sustainable productivity.

  • Bettercoal: Tackling sustainability issues in coal purchasing

    acceptable resettlements, and rules for workers’ representation in decision-making that we take for granted in OECD -countries. Often the statements issued by mining companies contradict reports from environmental associations, human

  • Product Responsibility

    related to the environmental characteristics of products and production processes throughout the product chain." Source: OECD Videos Tourismus und Nachhaltigkeit Wer macht nicht gerne Urlaub in fremden Ländern, vielleicht in der Karibik? Der

  • The De-Carb Diet

    Most of this growth will come from countries that are not in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development ( OECD ), including countries where demand is driven by strong economic growth, particularly in Asia. Non-OECD Asian countries,

  • Compliance

    101 2011 Compliance Author Title Year Related tags Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development Key OECD anti-corruption documents 2012 Anti-corruption , OECD Transpareny International CURBING CORRUPTION IN PUBLIC

  • Water and Energy: An Important Issue for GDF SUEZ

    by implementing operational measures and by lending ideas to international discussions on this issue (CEO Water Mandate, OECD , and World Business Council for Sustainable Development). Over the last few years – and in parallel with climate

  • Global Compact International Yearbook - Integrity, As a Core Strategic Imperative!

    for all business sectors, such as the “Best Practice Guidance on Internal Controls, Ethics, and Compliance” of the OECD and – more specifically for the aerospace and defense sector – the Common Industry Standards in Europe, and the

  • Global Compact International Yearbook - The Global Social Enterprise Action Hub

    Development Agenda, the SE Hub aims to balance its activities across emerging markets, underdeveloped countries, and OECD member countries. Action-oriented approach through on- and offline assistance to social enterprises In spite of





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