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  • CSR - 'Ocean-grabbing' as serious a threat as ‘land-grabbing’ – UN expert on right to food

    The United Nations Special Rapporteur on the right to food, Olivier De Schutter, warned of the threat of ‘ocean-grabbing’ to food security, and urged world governments and international bodies to halt the depletion of fish stocks, and take urgent steps to protect, sustain, and share the benefits of fisheries and marine environments.

  • CSR - Marine Reserves - Restoring the Oceans

    the Oceans A growing body of scientific evidence that demonstrates, that the establishment of large-scale networks of marine

  • CSR - Oceania

  • CSR - Saving Sharks In Shady Costa Rica

    Ten years ago, the Sea Shepherd ship Ocean Warrior and her crew intervened against an illegal shark finning operation in Guatemalan waters by the Costa Rican long liner (and previously convicted poaching vessel) the Varadero I. In April 2002 the Varadero I was caught 50 miles inside Guatemalan waters. Rob Stewart filmed and documented their shark finning operations and Sea Shepherd received permission from the government of Guatemala to intervene to stop their illegal activities. The crew of the Ocean Warrior did so without causing any injuries and without causing any damage to the Varadero I.

  • Renewed Energy for Women’s Empowerment

    Advanced Search">more Nomcebo Manzini is a busy woman. As the regional director for southern Africa and the Indian Ocean islands of the UN’s recently created Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women – officially known as

  • Climate Change

    with the 10 warmest years having occurred in the past 12 years. Extreme events increase. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, there were only ion he US a record twelve weather disasters costing more than $1

  • CSR - Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Coral Reefs

    to Know About Coral Reefs Ocean advocate Ce2line Cousteau and cartoonist Jim Toomey (creator of Shermanaps Lagoon) teamed up with WRI to bring you the

  • Projects

    Delta Insurance Huawei Martha Tilaar MRCB Mitsui Penshibao PT SMART SK Telecom TATA TMS Group Toshiba Australia & Oceania

  • Global Compact International Yearbook - Download Section

    Penshibao ACI Gandaki Bee Concern Hatai Bunano Huawei Martha Tilaar Group Mitsui MRCB PT Smart TBK Toshiba Viyellatex Oceania Prime Status: Continuous Participants Preferred Status: Frequent Participants Acciona Air France-KLM Arab African

  • Lenoardo DiCaprio: “We need to change our thinking and our sense of urgency.”

    of organizations and individuals all over the world, our modern way of life has caused unprecedented devastation to our oceans, our forests, and our wildlife. Each of these natural systems is critical to our way of life: They provide us with the





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