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  • Global Compact International Yearbook - Factory of the Future – The Otto Grameen Textile Company

    retail companies are working to prevent such labor conditions in their production facilities; one of these is the Otto Group, headquartered in Hamburg, Germany. The Otto Group’s commitment to social and environmental responsibility has

  • CSR - Climate Protection in the Otto Group: Efficiency First

    The increasing number of hurricanes, forest fires, and severe floods are just some of the examples of devastating natural events that can be attributed to climate change. Cooperating to mitigate climate change has never been more urgent. Economic considerations in the effort to cut greenhouse gas emissions are becoming ever-more important: In the Otto Group’s Climate Protection Strategy too, economic aspects play a key role.

  • CSR - Factory of the Future – The Otto Grameen Textile Company

    Over two million people work in the textile industry in Bangladesh, with women accounting for 80 percent of the workforce in clothing factories. The clothing industry is one of the region’s key employers and plays an important role as a source of income for the poorest strata of society. These people need the jobs, yet all too often they have to work in textile factories under poor safety conditions for wages that do not even cover their basic needs.

  • CSR - Otto Group

  • CSR - Our Commitment Against Child Labour in India

    Around the globe, some 300 million children aged between five and fourteen work. In India, 59 million children do not have the chance to go to school. Instead, most of them have to herd goats, crush rocks, collect rubbish, sew sequins onto textile articles, clean the houses of rich families, or do other menial jobs to survive.

  • CSR - Hussmann, Daniel

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    , Business Ethics , Gender & Diversity , Human Rights , Labour Standards , Society Climate Protection in the Otto Group: Efficiency First Worldwide Otto Group Otto , Climate Change , Corporate Citizenship , Environment , Resources

  • Global Compact International Yearbook - Download Section

    & Young Folksam Hochtief Holcim ICA Interamerican Lufthansa Oce2 Randstad SKF Sonae The Linde Group Toms Volkswagen Otto Group Vestas Eastern Europe Sakhalin Energy Sopharma Middle East North Africa Arab African Investment Bank Consolidated

  • Global Compact International Yearbook - Re-Greening Popocate2petl

    but salty water that requires thorough treatment, even if only used for industrial purposes. The CEO of VW de Me2xico, Otto Lindner (left), plants a tree: “Stopping erosion and water loss.” Photo: Volkswagen These wells often had to be

  • Mercury: Time to Act

    Global Mercury Partnership Alex Kirby (text and editing) Ieva Rucevska, Valentin Yemelin Christy Cooke (GRID-Arendal) Otto Simonett, Viktor Novikov, Geoff





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