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  • CSR - Meet WRI President Andrew Steer

    about development and environment issues and his visions for the WRI. From his point of view watching at the natural resources and understanding the links between nature and mankind has never been more important than today: Economic decisions

  • Water Resources Management

    Documents from the World Bank Group on water resources management.

  • Projects

    Addressing the Global Water Challenge Worldwide Nestlé S.A. Nestle , Development , Procurement/Supply Chain , Resources Efficiency , Water The Huay Ma Haad Project Thailand PTT Global Chemical , PTTGC , Huay Ma Haad Project , Biodiversity

  • Energy-Star Tools & Resources

    Different tools and resources for energy management.

  • Global Compact International Yearbook - Grundfos Reuses Wastewater

    Email PDF Grundfos Reuses Wastewater By Grundfos 02:08 PM, April 18, 2012 Related tags Green Technology , Environment , Resources Efficiency , Water Advanced Search">more In the future, water supplies will be even scarcer than is presently the

  • Improving Professionalism in Human Resources Management and Understanding CSR

    stakeholders, employees, and customers and to improve their corporate images and contributions to social welfare. Human resources plays a vital role in CSR and needs to take a leading role in deciding the direction of organizations’ CSR

  • Tools & Resources

    inventory: early estimates for 2011 2012 EEA , Climate Change , Green Business , Management , Regulation , Reporting , Resources Efficiency European Environment Agency (EEA) Greenhouse gas emission trends and projections in Europe 2012 2012 EEA ,

  • Africa’s Natural Assets: The Struggle for Sustainability

    societies. Perhaps the most important driver, though, has been Africa’s natural wealth, including both non-renewable resources such as oil, gas, and minerals, as well as renewable ones, which include agricultural land, forests, wildlife, water,

  • Global Compact International Yearbook - Making Responsible Use of a Scarce Resource: Water

    The globe today faces a series of major challenges: How can we safeguard high-quality food and good healthcare? How can we tackle climate change and save resources? How can we provide as many people as possible with access to clean water? All these central questions, reinforced by the steady growth of the world population, have a direct impact on the Bayer Group. This is because healthcare, nutrition, and materials used for many daily life products are our core business, including contributions to climate protection and resource efficiency. I am convinced that holistic approaches and innovative solutions are the key to coping with such global challenges and to finding the right balance between economic growth, social welfare, and environmental stewardship. At least this is what we are striving for at Bayer.

  • Zinc for Health

    Email PDF Zinc for Health By Alannah Cervenko , Teck Resources Limited 04:01 PM, July 07, 2015 Related tags Teck , Teck Resources Limited , Zinc , Mining , Development , Health Advanced Search">more Teck launched its Zinc & Health program





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