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    Construction of green solid dosage forms (tabletsbacapsules) factory in Sofia, Bulgaria. The factory project won a first class investor award. The plant is a new generation building, combining high quality criteria for energy efficiency (photo-voltage, gas etc.), corresponding to new environmental directives for construction. Replacement of organic solvents with water is just one of the projects ecological advantages.

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    (Sopharma) 11:18 AM, May 03, 2012 Related tags Energy , Costs , Environment , Labour Standards Advanced Search">more Sopharma is the leading Bulgarian pharmaceutical producer with a portfolio of more than 210 products, more than 10 percent of

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    In Harmony with the Earth Japan Toshiba LED , Japan , Toshiba , Environment Life Is Good When We Are Healthy! Bulgaria Sopharma Energy , Costs , Bulgaria , Sopharma , Environment , Labour Standards A Green Building Inspired by the Future Portugal

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    Lufthansa Oce2 Randstad SKF Sonae The Linde Group Toms Volkswagen Otto Group Vestas Eastern Europe Sakhalin Energy Sopharma Middle East North Africa Arab African Investment Bank Consolidated Contractors Tristar Netafim Mansour Group Africa

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    Siemens SKF Sonae Toms TÜV Rheinland Holding Vestas Volkswagen Yüksel East European Participants Sakhalin Energy Sopharma Middle East North Africa Participants Al Mansour Holding AAIB CCC Netafim TriStar Transport African Participants Access





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