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  • CSR - Chinaaps Workforce in 2015: Better Trained, Better Paid, Better Protected?

    Capital Challenges investigates the latest FYP, finding strategic planning and program implementation lessons for

  • Bayer Launches New Sustainability Program

    for us are the driving forces for sustainability – and strategic partnerships. We devised eight lighthouse projects for the ... and for our stakeholders. 1. Self-determined family planning and combating neglected diseases Jane Maenaria, nurse at

  • CSR - The Millennium Project Experience

    The explosion of information, the increasing complexity of society, and the accelerating rate of technological change means previous information systems and sources are unable to give just-in-time guidance to inform the strategic planning process. One approach to improve input to strategic foresight is collective intelligence. I define it as an emergent property from synergies among databainformationbaknowledge, softwarebahardware, and experts (those with new insights as well as recognized authorities) that continually learn from feedback to produce just-in-time knowledge for better decisions than these elements would produce acting alone. The Millennium Project is a new kind of think tank producing foresight about the changing global strategic landscape. Its operations, implications for corporations, and next steps in creating a Global Futures Collective Intelligence System will be explained.

  • CSR - Proliferation of Hydroelectric Dams in the Andean Amazon and Implications for Andes-Amazon Connectivity

    A short studie over the strategic planning and policies of hydroelectric dams and its implication in Andean-Amazon region.

  • CSR - HR Managers - just making excuses

    an obstacle to broadening CSR efforts. CSR efforts that are strategically built around the firm’s business seem to be more ... programs integrating the CSR agenda into the business planning process community engagement, responsible citizens creating

  • On the Role of Human Development in the Arab Spring

    imperatives. Many governments support prices or distribute strategic stocks to meet basic caloric needs at the subsistence ... evidence from a maternal and child health / family planning (MCH/FP) experiment conducted in the Matlab area of

  • Global Compact International Yearbook - Betting On Environmental Sustainability and Balance

    and had a positive effect on nearly 1.1 million hectares of strategic regional ecosystems. Supplier linking One of most relevant ... and contingencies; and that is supported through effective planning of its electric assets in the areas of design,

  • Global Compact International Yearbook - Access to Basic Services in Casablanca Shantytowns

    with authorities. Proactive governance is an approach as strategic as the technical construction of networks. Prioritizing ... work for the operations. Pre-assessment (land, urban planning, technical solutions, population status, financing),

  • CSR - Corporate Foresight

    and velocity to actually meet the societal challenges. more[...] Strategic Foresight: Effective Decision-Support Systems By Dr. Adrian ... to give just-in-time guidance to inform the strategic planning process. One approach to improve input to strategic

  • CSR - Employee Engagement is not Enough

    at a conference in Milan, Italy, organized by Lundquist , a strategic communications consultancy, specializing in online ... link if you are interested in participating. And if you are planning to be in the Barcelona area in June, you might want to





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