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  • Global Compact International Yearbook - From Global Compact to Global Leadership

    interests of society is not new. The Marine Stewardship Council in the fishing industry and the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative in the oil and mining industry are but two examples. Regardless of the origin of such coalitions, their end

  • CSR - How to say Sustainability in a Poster

    process and present the views of different stakeholders on how G4 will help advance organizational reporting and transparency." Speakers are: Denise Esdon, Ernst & Young; Karin Ireton, Standard Bank Group; Mervyn King, IIRC; Roel Nieuwenkamp,

  • CSR - Is G4 reporting suicide?

    thataps it. I think the problem with G4 is the relevance of the indicators required and not the quantity. We may want transparency, but we must curb our appetite for information overload for the sake of information overload. We want to see the wood

  • CSR - Where Next for the Circular Economy?

    publically." Another reason is what he calls "the closed system of Cradle to Cradle" – "its monopoly, lack of transparency and (expensive) certification has been a reason for some to follow the principles but not the scheme. Beek expresses a

  • CSR - A fabulous first SME report

    much!), then you might consider investing in my book, Sustainability Reporting for SMEs : Competitive Advantage Through Transparency. Of course, it all sounds nice on paper, but the practice requires discipline and just a little thought and effort (but

  • CSR - Citizens wield web tools to combat petty bribery

    Citizen website and mobile apps are popping up in Latin America encouraging to report the bribes they pay for healthcare, bureaucracy help or education services. This new source of data can be used as a lobbying tool to get government officials to act.

  • CSR - Fun facts about corporate accounting scandals

    or even who the organization is or what its methodology is. In the spirit of good accounting, a little more transparency would be a good thing. But donapt let that stand in the way of enjoying a nice infographic. Source:

  • CSR - Women and Sustainability: Taking a Lead in China

    offer transparent financial products; have anti-corruption policies and programmes; have a high level of disclosure and transparency; and avoid controversies such as accounting fraud, price fixing, criminal behaviour among top executives, controversial

  • CSR - Unilever and responsible capitalism: a "licence to lead"

    though is not so much the big goals theyapve set, but the framework theyapre trying to achieve it within - radical transparency, collaborative action, and brands that all have a social purpose. To you or me, it may look like a bar of soap, but to

  • CSR - Green Business Assessment - The link between environmental and company performance

    ability to influence and be influenced by stakeholders. The number of categories is a tradeoff between, on the one hand, transparency and accuracy and, on the other hand, simplicity and communicability. We commonly use 10 categories but for practical





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