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  • The Global Compact in the Emirates

    to continue to spread the message of the importance of CSR, especially in this current climate. Issues such as transparency, responsible investment, and managing human capital are now more pressing than ever, and communicating this to

  • Global Compact International Yearbook - Agenda

    gold mining, and through the burning of coal for electricity generation. more[...] The Author See the full list Transparency Archive Study Shows how Easy it is to Set Up Untraceable Companies Dennis Lohmann, macondo Media Group A new study,

  • Global Compact International Yearbook - Partnerships for More High-Quality Food

    friendly use of crop protection agents increase agricultural yields and quality of vegetables and fruits more transparency in the supply chain livelihoods of the farmers become more secure by increasing net incomes Key Facts Main Issue

  • Global Compact International Yearbook - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    knowledge exchange and learning in the spirit of the Global Compact principles. The publication helps to advance transparency, promotes the sharing of good practices and gives a strong voice to the regional and global actors that are at the heart

  • Global Compact International Yearbook - Editorial Board

    the global corporate responsibility community. Editorial Board Members (in alphabetic order) Peter Conze Co-Founder of Transparency International , Former Head of the Africa Department of GTZ Diana Chavez Director Latin American & Carribean

  • Global Compact International Yearbook - Webinar: Sustainability Reporting

    and reporting sustainability information: a) Operational Insight - improve profits by eliminating costs. b) Competitive Transparency - gain a significant competitive advantage by winning large clients and recruiting the best team. c) Risk Management -

  • Global Compact International Yearbook - Integrated Reporting: Old Wine in New Bottles?

    can gain more trust and confidence in the reporting of its stakeholders through more clarity, conciseness, and transparency in their main communication tool. By introducing integrated reporting, companies can achieve reputational advantages

  • Global Compact International Yearbook - Comprehensive Ways of Communication on Anti-Corruption Measures and Compliance

    - Status ongoing Region Worldwide Contact person Jenice Hartmann Awards - Project benefit Fight corruption Strengthen transparency Anti-Corruption X Business & Peace - Development - Environment - Financial Markets - Implementing UNGC Principles

  • Global Compact International Yearbook - Creating Homes – Affordable Housing in India

    and attainable housing with the best quality to cost ratio. The standard provides consumers with a high level of transparency, which allows them to make an informed decision. Besides empowering the low-income families, the certification

  • Global Compact International Yearbook - Pre Organic Cotton Program: A Shift To Organic Farming

    business activities in a fair and efficient manner in accordance with the fundamental policy, they are increasing the transparency of the decision-making process and constructing a corporate governance system that incorporates appropriate monitoring





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