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More than sixty years ago, the letters CCC represented a little more than the partnership of three ambitious young men in Aden. Today these initials embrace the ambitions and welfare of over 130,000 employed, composed of more than 80 nationalities, in almost every country of the Middle East, Africa, Europe (including Russia), CIS countries, the Caribbean, Australia and Papua New Guinea. The construction activities of CCC cover fields in:

  • Heavy Civil Construction: power plants, bridges and highway interchanges, harbor and docks, and civil work for process plants and the petrochemical industry.
  • Highways, roads and airports.
  • Water and Sewage treatment plants, pumping stations and all related networks.
  • Buildings and Civil Engineering Works: power and desalination plants, water treatment plants, dams, reservoirs and distribution systems, sewage treatment plants and collection networks, sports complexes.
  • Housing and high quality buildings including hotels, hospitals, educational institutions, and airports.
  • Roads, highways, bridges and flyovers, and airport runways.
  • Pipelines - Slurry, Oil & Gas, and Water: pipelines (earthworks and concrete works, pumping and booster stations, metering stations, launching and receiving stations, electrical/instrumentation works, cathodic protection, pipe lining, welding, testing and commissioning, maintenance).
  • Mechanical Engineering Works: LNGs, Petrochemical plants and refineries, oil loading and off-loading terminals, fabrication of platforms for off-shore facilities.
  • Heavy and Light Industrial Plants
  • Marine Works: marine docks, harbours, deep sea berths and refinery terminals.
  • Offshore Installations: jackets, platforms, manifolds
  • Maintenance of Mechanical Installations and Underwater Structures: oil refineries, petrochemical plants, offshore structures and underwater works.
  • Pipelines for water, gas, oil and slurry.
  • High Quality Buildings and Green Designs.

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Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC) is a contracting company formed in 1952 and incorporated in Lebanon. The managing office is presently located in Athens, Greece. CCC is by far the largest engineering, procurement, and construction company in the Middle East and is ranked #18 by ENR magazine among all international construction companies. CCC currently operates in 40 countries on 5 continents. It employs more than 110,000 employees comprising more than 80 nationalities and is responsible for building some of the most challenging and complex facilities in the world. Drawing on its long and successful experience, CCC can provide a full range of project services – project development; detailed engineering, procurement, and construction; start-up operation; and maintenance – as pertains to the following:

    • Planning and Construction of Buildings and Infrastructure Projects
    • Buildings and civil engineering works
    • Oil and gas, and water pipelines
    • Oil and gas, and petrochemical plants and refineries
    • Power plants
    • Marine works
    • Offshore installations
    • Maintenance of mechanical installations and underwater structures

    Source: Consolidated Contractors Company

  • CCC's Commitment to Sustainable Development

    Lila Angelopoulou
    Dimitra Ntalachani, CCC
    Consolidated Contractors Company

    We recognize that CCC’s long-term success is directly linked with the existence of a prosperous global society and a greener environment. Therefore, we are committed to understanding how our growth can better interact with the welfare and development of the communities, ecologies, and economies in which we operate. We aim to increasingly embed the principles of sustainable development into our business. We go about this by incorporating sustainability values into strategic planning, training, and stakeholder engagement as well as by intensifying the implementation of sustainability measures.  more[...]

    The Author
  • What Gets Measured Can Be Controlled and Managed

    Consolidated Contractors Company

    Realizing the needs for sustainability efforts and plans to reduce CO2 footprints are guiding the construction industry toward new ways to optimize job execution, resulting in higher competitiveness. Asset management and equipment used in the construction industry – along with their associated running requirements, utilization, and health and fuel consumption – are major governing factors in sustainability and greenhouse gas emissions.  more[...]

    The Author
  • Secure Jobs in Insecure Times

    Dr. Salma Shawa
    Consolidated Contractors Company

    Transforming despair into hope – that is one task that Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC) is carrying out with regards to the employment of youth in the Arab world and developing countries.  more[...]

    The Author
  • CCC’s Solar Power Adventures

    Tony Awad, Consolidated Contractors Company
    Consolidated Contractors Company

    As a pioneer in the construction industry, and with a vision to lead in promoting green awareness, CCC believes in providing future generations with a healthy and safe environment as well as social and economic prosperity. As a result, CCC started examining the implementation of solar energy applications on construction camps in the Middle East early on. At the moment, solar technology is put to successful use in various CCC units and projects. The rationale behind these schemes is to reduce the electrical energy consumed by camps by utilizing environmentally-friendly technologies.  more[...]

    The Author
  • 60 Years of Contributing to the Communities

    Tony Awad, Consolidated Contractors Company
    Consolidated Contractors Company

    Sixty years of continuous giving that is rooted in the beliefs and values of the founders is what distinguishes CCC and makes it unique among other companies. Even before the term “corporate social responsibility” became quite popular in recent years, the CCC founders put giving and care for the communities, employees, and their families as some of their core values, which they have been practicing throughout the history of the company. Their continuous giving to their communities, employees, and their families has left its mark on the thousands of people who have felt their support throughout the years. Their compassion and philanthropic deeds may have grown out of the hardships they experienced in their early years; however, becoming one of the most affluent companies in the world had just multiplied these humanitarian acts.  more[...]

    The Author
  • Habshan 5 – Going Green

    Tony Awad, Consolidated Contractors Company
    Consolidated Contractors Company

    Over the years, the Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC) has participated in and contributed to the countries and communities in which it has operated. Contributions have come in the form of monetary and in-kind donations. The “Habshan 5” project is an example of CCC’s sustainable engagement.  more[...]  login_required

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