Participatory Communication with Employees

By Pierina Amayo (Copeinca), Copeinca
03:44 PM, July 17, 2014

CFG Investment and COPEINCA are Peruvian fishing companies that belong to the Pacific Andes Group. They are engaged in the extraction, processing, and production of fishmeal and fish oil for indirect human consumption. Also, they aim for direct human consumption through the production of canned mackerel and anchovy. Since september 2013 the integration process of these companies started and in the near future we expect to conclude this fusion process. Both companies are committed to sustainable development as a smart way to do business, considering that to ensure sustainability is an essential requirement to ensure that ethical principles, respect for people and the environment meet the challenges of acting on social responsibility and environmental, the Millennium Development Goals and Global Compact principles.

Communication is a critical and powerful factor for generating a good work environment, which can be decisive for the development of an organization. Acting on this conviction, COPEINCA and CFG Investment have implemented policies and programs that allow for the establishment of effective communication with their employees. The results so far have been satisfactory.

Anonymous Communication Line

In 2011, the company created the Anonymous Communication Line in order to develop a communication channel through which employees, clients, and suppliers could express themselves, thereby promoting a good work environment and controlling and preventing bad practices.

This communication line is one of the practices that has been implemented within the company’s communication and good corporate governance guidelines. Since its creation, good results have been reported regarding the control of practices that are not in line with the corporate culture.

This communication line originated from the company’s code of conduct, which defines the behavior that is expected from all members of the organization and includes the following topics: behavior based on mutual respect; equal opportunity; diligence duty; prohibition of toxic substance use; respect and protection of confidential information; prevention of conflicts of interest; the good use and safeguarding of files; legal compliance; behavior with respect to bribes, gifts, and favors; occupational safety and health; environment; social responsibility; and fulfillment of obligations.

It is available 24/7 and is accessed through the internet. Every complaint received is analyzed confidentially by management and Internal Audit employees, who define which steps are to be taken, in accordance with the seriousness of the situation.

Fishing Ideas

Employees are an important source of good ideas, since they are working every day to identify opportunities for improvement. In order to gather all their suggestions in an orderly manner, the company created the Fishing Ideas program.

With this program, employees’ improvement suggestions are listened to, assessed, and implemented when necessary, which generates savings, process efficiencies, and accident and environmental-impact prevention.

Photo: Copeinca
Photo: Copeinca

Objectives of the program

  • Motivate employees to look for improvements in their processes.
  • Channel and implement improvement suggestions in the interest of employees and the company.
  • Commit employees to continuous improvement.
  • Have personnel trained in the use of quality tools.

Statistics (indicator of received and implemented suggestions):

Received suggestions: 449

  • Implemented suggestions: 18
  • Under implementation: 127
  • Under feasibility assessment: 7

To develop this program, the company uses all of its communication channels so that the message reaches all levels of the organization, thereby motivating employees to believe in themselves, trust in their abilities, and contribute toward continuous improvement.

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About the Authors
Amayo, Pierina

Copeinca is a Peruvian company that owns several fish processing facilities in Peru and operates its own fishing fleet.

The views expressed in this article are the author's own and do not necessarily reflect CSR Manager's editorial policy.
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