• Bradesco and Accessibility for the Population

    Eduardo Dantas, Bradesco
    Banco Bradesco S.A.

    In its operations as one of the largest private Brazilian banks, Bradesco makes financial inclusion one of its main business priorities and considers this an important factor in its corporation positioning.  more[...]  login_required

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  • Education, Community, and Social Equality

    Perihan Abdel Ghaly, Arab African International Bank
    Arab African International Bank

    Arab African International Bank believes in investment in youth for a better future and realizes that its influence as a leading private institution has grown in parallel with its competitiveness. Arab African International Bank was the first bank in Egypt and the region to launch an education program for undergraduates in various universities across the country and offers awards for creative ideas.  more[...]  login_required

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  • Prevention of HIV and AIDS among the Youth

    Audrey d'Hotman de Villiers, Rogers
    Rogers and Co., Ltd

    Since 2007, Rogers has been committed to the fight against HIV and AIDS among Mauritian 15- to 24-year-olds. Through an inclusive method based on evaluative studies and stakeholder dialogs, the Group contributed to the country’s progress in this nationally coordinated fight.  more[...]  login_required

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  • FDS™: A Small-Scale Farming Revolution


    Hundreds of millions of smallholders are struggling to survive from subsistence farming in developing countries across South America, Asia, and Africa. Given the lack of water infrastructure throughout these and other areas, there is a critical need to make the most of the limited available water sources in such regions. In response, OECD countries, international donors, and NGOs have been promoting technologies such as drip irrigation, which optimizes resources, enhances global food security, and promotes sustainable productivity.  more[...]  login_required

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  • GDF SUEZ Rassembleurs d’Energies for Access to Sustainable Energy for All

    Francoise Guichard, GDF Suez

    The GDF SUEZ Group, the world’s largest utility, is seeking to combat poverty and economic disparities with the launch of the GDF SUEZ Rassembleurs d’Energies initiative. This global initiative promotes access for the poorest populations to energy and essential services and supports the reduction of energy poverty. It provides socially responsible investment, donations, as well as technical and managerial assistance, with the GDF SUEZ Group coordinating these various tools in support of social entrepreneurs and nonprofit organizations.  more[...]

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  • Preparing Airports for Disasters

    Susanne Meier, Deutsche Post DHL
    Joachim Keppler, Deutsche Post DHL
    Deutsche Post DHL

    Deutsche Post DHL has committed itself to continuously support the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact. Equally, Deutsche Post DHL undertakes actions in support of broader UN goals and issues, especially as they relate to disaster management and humanitarian assistance. In this approach Deutsche Post DHL closely cooperates with the United Nations to amplify the efforts of other contributors.  more[...]  login_required

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  • EcoBusiness School Program

    Francesca Carnesella, Camposol and Copeinca

    To promote the integration of key thematic areas of environmental education in the country, a project idea was born: the EcoBusiness School Program. Created by the Institute for Promotion of Sustainable Development and supported by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Environment in Peru, the initiative began in 2010. The design of this enterprising program for environmental education was aimed at young people attending the last cycle of secondary education (15- and 16-year-olds). The main objective is to strengthen the capacities of young people in identifying the realities concerning the environment; understanding market development; understanding the procedures and challenges of building, managing, and administering an economic enterprise that has a positive impact on the environment; and developing leadership and management skills.  more[...]  login_required

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  • Bakery “La Casa del Pan”

    Francesca Carnesella, Camposol and Copeinca

    “La Casa del Pan” is an entrepreneurship project funded entirely by CAMPOSOL. It aims to provide economic and social development opportunities for young people through a strategic partnership with the Youth, Arts and Development Association, which is comprised of young people from Nuevo Chao, a nearby community.  more[...]  login_required

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  • Climate Protection Drives Innovation

    Yvonne Benkert, MAN SE
    MAN SE

    Climate change is one of the greatest global challenges faced by government, business, and society. It also brings specific opportunities and risks for the transportation and power engineering sectors. The MAN Group is active in both industries and produces trucks, buses, diesel engines, turbomachinery, and special gear units in 13 countries around the world. MAN is thus in a position to make a significant contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions. At the same time, the company is confronted with the increasingly ambitious CO2 reduction targets set by policymakers and with growing customer expectations – in the transportation sector in particular.  more[...]

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  • Essent Contributes to a Bio-based Economy

    Stijn Vercauteren, Essent N. V.

    According to Essent, innovation is the key to a sustainable energy transition. That is why the company invests a great deal of time and energy in the development of innovative sustainable energy applications. In 2011, Essent therefore started a pilot location for this purpose that is intended to contribute to the development of a bio-based economy. According to Essent, innovation is the key to a sustainable energy transition. That is why the company invests a great deal of time and energy in the development of innovative sustainable energy applications. In 2011, Essent therefore started a pilot location for this purpose that is intended to contribute to the development of a bio-based economy.  more[...]  login_required

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  • For Young People to Succeed

    Jeffrey A. Joerres, ManpowerGroup

    Global youth unemployment stands at record levels and significantly outstrips that of joblessness rates for other age groups. Everywhere you look, the numbers are deeply troubling. The latest statistics from the International Labour Organization put the global youth unemployment rate at more than 81 million workers – 40 percent of the total unemployed. The developing world, with generally younger populations, is disproportionately affected. According to the ILO, the highest regional youth unemployment rates exist in the Middle East and North Africa, where close to one out of every four young people are out of work.  more[...]  login_required

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  • Diversity – A Success Factor for Bosch

    Heidi Stock, Bosch
    Annkathrin Kienle, Bosch
    Bosch Group

    People in over 150 countries all around the world – including men and women of many different backgrounds, individual lifestyles, and generations – are working for Bosch. This diversity brings real benefits for our company, and it is essential for our successful business performance in the long term. Numerous studies have shown that increased diversity leads to more innovation, better problem-solving, and greater creativity.  more[...]  login_required

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  • Corporate Community Involvement: The Definitive Guide To Maximizing Your Business' Societal Engagement

    Nick Lakin, Molson Coors Brewing Company

    Corporate Community Involvement offers the first-ever roadmap to strategic community involvement. Building on their extensive experience, Nick Lakin and Veronica Scheubel have designed this book to be practical—for those who want to act upon what they read.  more[...]  login_required

    The Author
    Nick Lakin, Molson Coors Brewing Company 
  • From Competitive Advantage of Corporate Philanthropy to Shared Value

    Kyle Peterson, FSG

    FSG, the nonprofit consulting firm which I help lead, has witnessed an amazing evolution in corporate philanthropy during the last 10 years. We have witnessed the unprecedented examination and gradual repurposing of corporate philanthropy. For anyone who cares about solving social problems, it has never been a better time to be part of the private sector.  more[...]  login_required

    The Author
    Kyle Peterson, FSG 




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