• Changing the Way Corporations Source Energy

    Rasmus M. Schophuus , Vestas Wind Systems A/S
    Vestas Wind Systems A/S
    WindMade asbl

    WindMade™, the first consumer label for wind energy, is moving the discussion from how much energy a product uses during its lifetime to the embodied energy of the product. Created to drive the global adoption of wind energy, WindMade™ is designed to inform consumers about the source of the energy used to make the products they buy and thus encourage corporations to source renewable energy to run their operations and production. Launched at the World Economic Forum in Davos in 2011, WindMade™ is backed by the UN Global Compact, Vestas Wind Systems, WWF, Global Wind Energy Council, Bloomberg, the LEGO Group, and PwC.  more[...]  login_required

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  • New Technology Brought Cleaner Air and New Jobs to Facture

    Paula Niemistö
    Metso Corporation

    Residents of Facture, a city in southwest France, have been breathing cleaner air since October 2010. A biomass-fired combined heat and power plant – which is one of Europe’s largest and represents Metso’s latest technology – was commissioned at the energy company Dalkia’s new biomass power plant, located at the local Smurfit Kappa paper mill. For Metso, a global engineering and technology company, this delivery was an excellent opportunity to demonstrate its ability to support its customers in combining business objectives and environmental targets.  more[...]

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  • Climate Protection Drives Innovation

    Yvonne Benkert, MAN SE
    MAN SE

    Climate change is one of the greatest global challenges faced by government, business, and society. It also brings specific opportunities and risks for the transportation and power engineering sectors. The MAN Group is active in both industries and produces trucks, buses, diesel engines, turbomachinery, and special gear units in 13 countries around the world. MAN is thus in a position to make a significant contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions. At the same time, the company is confronted with the increasingly ambitious CO2 reduction targets set by policymakers and with growing customer expectations – in the transportation sector in particular.  more[...]

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  • Reconciling Air Treaffic Growth With Climate Protection


    The aviation industry’s share of global emissions of anthropogenic CO2 is around 2 percent, which is partly due to the continued growth of air transport. Since 2007, Air France-KLM has been implementing a “climate plan” – a strategy to aggregate the actions already undertaken within the Group in addition to further actions to fight climate change.  more[...]  login_required

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  • Fighting Drought With Traditional Knowledge in Peru

    Adrienne McKeehan, Conservation International

    In celebration of the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples, today we’re bringing you a great example of one of the many contributions indigenous peoples are making to address global problems like climate change.  more[...]  login_required

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    Adrienne McKeehan, Conservation International 
  • The world bites back

    Paul Simpson, Carbon Disclosure Project

    Around the world, I see turbulence disrupting established systems and creating uncertainty. Across Europe, the ramifications of the debt crisis continue to be made known. The resolutely firm financial standing of Germany was recently rocked when credit ratings agency Moody's announced the country’s creditworthiness to be “negative”, a demotion from “stable”. The Netherlands and Luxembourg experienced the same fate and now share the label. In a desperate bid to tackle its financial woes, Spain paid the second highest yield on short-term debt since the birth of the Euro. Turn to Greece, and the scene is no less bleak.  more[...]  login_required

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    Paul Simpson, Carbon Disclosure Project 
  • Make Rio+20 Count

    The UN Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20) provides an exceptional opportunity for swift policy action to accelerate and scale business solutions so 9 billion people can live well and within the limits of one planet by 2050. The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) today pressed governments to overcome their differences and to take decisive action now.  more[...]  login_required

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  • Managing Biofuels Portfolio Risk – The Role of Financial and Risk Analysis


    This white paper explores managing biofuels portfolio risk – the stakeholder’s targeted value approach and the financial and risk analysis roles. The Department of Navy (DON), Department of Energy, and United States Department of Agriculture are together pursuing an ambitious program to support military requirements for viable and cost effective biofuels and to accelerate the growth of a national biofuels industry to address strategic energy security concerns. Source: All information taken from the website.  more[...]  login_required

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  • Rio+20: Forests form important foundation for a green economy

    Duncan Macqueen, International Institute for Environment and Development

    Forests constitute the vast majority of what is green on planet earth. The quest for a green economy at Rio+20 excited the full spectrum of the forest community – from forest industries to local forest rights-holder groups. Both groups have something to offer – although it may be necessary to invest more in locally-controlled forestry if a fair green economy is to be achieved.  more[...]  login_required

    The Author
    Duncan Macqueen, International Institute for Environment and Development 
  • Climate Change

    Extreme events increase. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, there were only ion he US a record twelve weather disasters costing more than $1 billion in 2011. The strategies to meet this are mitigation – that means reduction and prevention of greenhouse gases output - and adaptation – that means measures to adapt to the inevitable global warming.  more[...]

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  • The time for short-term solutions is behind us

    Björn Stigson, WBCSD

    When the world’s governments meet in Copenhagen in December, their representatives will be dealing with an unprecedented level of change in two interwoven areas: climate and the economy. This massive pressure for change is leading to what I believe is a new industrial revolution, one that has the potential to dramatically reshape the world we live in. That pressure will remain, no matter what global leaders decide in Copenhagen. Sustainable solutions to the complex problems we are facing will require government and business to cooperate on a level never seen before.  more[...]  login_required

    The Author
    Björn Stigson, WBCSD 
  • Beyond 2012 – The World Food Programme’s Perspective for a Future Climate Change Policy

    World Food Programme (WFP)

    Climate is a key parameter in growing food. Changes in climate pose a threat to agriculture and can lead to drastic increases in food insecurity and hunger. Climate change will affect everyone, but it has a disproportionate effect on those living in poverty in developing countries in areas where deprivation and vulnerability to climate risks and natural disasters are severe. Studies warn of a coming “global food crunch” with long-term drivers of climate change, scarcity of land and water, lack of investment in agriculture and fuel production, and rising food consumption due to population growth all combining to cause political instability.  more[...]  login_required

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  • Brazil’s position on global warming

    Carlos Minc Baumfeld

    Brazil’s position on global warming is extremely clear: We want the country to take on a leading role amongst the nations that are now dealing with this phenomenon, which has been named one of the most worrying for future generations.  more[...]  login_required

    The Author
    Carlos Minc Baumfeld




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