"An increasing number of companies and organizations want to make their operations sustainable and contribute to sustainable development. Sustainability reporting can help organizations to measure, understand and communicate their economic, environmental, social and governance performance. Sustainability – the ability for something to last for a long time, or indefinitely – is based on performance in these four key areas. Systematic sustainability reporting helps organizations to measure the impacts they cause or experience, set goals, and manage change. A sustainability report is the key platform for communicating sustainability performance and impacts – whether positive or negative."  Source: GRI

Major aspects you are learning about in this module are:

  • legal aspects and mandatory requirements concerning reporting
  • the biggest reporting initiatives such as the Global Reporting Initiative and the United Nations Global Compact
  • the importance of analyzing the material impacts
  • tools to help create a report
  • processes that facilitate getting the needed data, such as stakeholder dialogues, and acquiring data from the suppliers
  • the biggest PROs for your own organization that result from reporting

Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) coming soon


Dossier: The United Nations Global Compact

The UN Global Compact is a strategic policy initiative for businesses that are committed to aligning their operations and strategies with ten universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. By doing so, business, as a primary agent driving globalization, can help ensure that markets, commerce, technology and finance advance in ways that benefit economies and societies everywhere.  more[...]


A Guide to ISO26000

With the design of the ISO 26000 norm, the ISO picked up suggestions proposed by their own consumer organizations pertaining to social responsibility in companies operating in global markets. ISO 26000 is not a management system standard. It is not intended or appropriate for certification purposes or regulatory or contractual use.  more[...]

Stock exchange

Integrated Reporting

Growing expectations of stakeholders and legislators as well as the steady growth of global trade f ows have added signif cantly to the complexity of businesses. This comes along with the call for a more holistic reporting of companies’ f nancial and nonf nancial performance. This is the core idea behind integrated reporting: It wants to provided in a coherent way a clear link between economic drivers, f nancial information, and social and environmental impacts. While the concept is clear, the roadmap is still vague. The International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) shall help to overcome this.  more[...]

  • Webinar: The Value of Sustainability Reporting

    Nancy Manchilla, ISOS Group

    The webinar organized by ISOS Group and Concept Green looks at sustainability reporting from various perspectives—investment analysts, capital providers, corporate social responsibility watch groups and sustainability reporters and reviewers.  more[...]

    The Author
    Nancy Manchilla, ISOS Group 
  • The Organizational Implementation of Corporate Citizenship

    Prof. Andreas Georg Scherer, University of Zurich

    The Communication on Progress (COP) policy is the central component of the UN Global Compact’s integrity measures. The policy establishes a mandatory reporting requirement for businesses to report annually on their progress in implementing the Ten Principles of the UNGC  more[...]  login_required

    The Author
    Prof. Andreas Georg Scherer, University of Zurich 
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